Christmas joy?

This year, Christmas has been a little different for me. I’m on my own for the first time in 10 years, so I’ve not done much celebrating. As I’m not off work until the new year I’ve done a little bit of paperwork and things today.

I made the huge mistake of looking on the Parish Facebook page, only to see that people are still bitching about how crap all the services were last year, going on and on about how amazing the services have been every year apart from last year, and what a wonderful job the new vicar did this year and how much better everything was. I’m angry and upset. I think I have a right to feel like this. What people have not grasped at all is that the liturgy they had this year was exactly what they got last year, and I arranged all the services apart from one this year. Last year I did absolutely everything on my own with no assistance of any kind. (Yes, I know that when I have my own parish this will be the norm but as Curates we should not be expected to do everything on our own with no support or mentoring) The new vicar is a lovely person and we get on well together but the facts are that he is just lazy and I am still doing all of the work.

If I believed in Christmas wishes it would be that I would be able to get out of here very, very soon.


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2 Responses to Christmas joy?

  1. Ziggy says:

    People bitch about services: this is a given! and there’s no telling that your next position, while initially attractive, will not show plastered cracks after a month or two – that’s the nature of jobs, & the church is no different from any other employer (I used to work in the NHS, equally full of the well-meaning, the patronising, the lazy – and the absolute gems).
    It concerns me that what I’m reading here comes over as suspiciously like stress & burn-out – you may need time out, as well as conversations with God about what He’s up to right now – sometimes I don’t see why my life’s going as it is; but I have found that no experience (even the unpleasant ones) is ever wasted.
    I hope you enjoy the rest of Christmas, and celebrate its wonder.

    • Yes, people will bitch, and wherever I am there will always be people who are not satisfied. But the points I am trying to make are:
      1) There is a tendency for people to comment in social media in ways that they would not otherwise do so. People tend to be more critical and have much less understanding of the impact of what they are saying.
      2) We are a Christian community. Or at least we say we are. Therefore we should be modelling that. This sometimes means confronting rude and difficult people with the realities of the consequences of their words and actions. My experience of the church generally is that it fails to do that. Also, I would back my colleagues to the hilt publicly, even if I thought they were in the wrong (and then I would tackle it with them privately), and I expect the same of them. The church should not be like the NHS or any other business or employer because it is not these things.
      3) Curates should not be left completely unsupported at any time. However experienced they are. The point of curacy is that you should always be backed up by a training incumbent or supervisor. Sadly in my case this has not happened at any stage.
      And finally… This blog is just a space for me to air my feelings, get it all out there. So I can let go of some of it and move on and free myself up to be the Priest that God has called me to be.

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